SKF Spare parts for tractor

The company SKF is a limited liability company, with the German main production site in Schweinfurt, which employs more than 4000 qualified employees. The main focus of the company is worldwide in the field of technology and production of bearings, seals and lubrication systems as spare parts for tractors.
Among other things, they are currently paying special attention to environmental protection and the environmental compatibility of their manufactured products and their production processes. In this way, they face up to a highly topical issue of our time.


Deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings belong to the category of roller bearings and are spare parts for tractors. They are often and gladly installed in agricultural machinery, as they are suitable for high speeds. Like any ball bearing, they optimally absorb radial and axial stress loads. SKF produces a wide range of different variations. For example, the spare parts for tractors are available as single row deep groove ball bearings. These are available in stainless steel or with filling grooves. The corresponding properties of the tractor parts are on the one hand a special resistance to rust and on the other hand an excellent radial durability. It can be seen that single-row deep groove ball bearings with filling grooves have a clear advantage. By inserting larger balls, the load capacity is radially optimised.
SKF double row deep groove ball bearings are also available as spare parts for tractors. These are used when single row ball bearings are not sufficient.


Angular contact ball bearings

SKF has developed angular contact ball bearings as spare parts for the tractor and combine harvester, which absorb radial and axial forces at the same time. Their raceways in the ring system are therefore offset from the bearing axis so that the coupled load can be transmitted. Angular contact ball bearings, which are also used as spare parts for the tractor, are available as single-row, double-row and four-point bearings.

Self-aligning ball bearing

Self-aligning ball bearings are also special ball bearings with a double row of balls. You can order them as open bearings or sealed bearings in the online tractor shop. The angular mobility described in professional circles enables the compensation of inclined positions of the shaft in relation to the cladding. A self-aligning ball bearing causes only minimal friction despite high speeds, and therefore also only minimal heat. The low temperature optimises the durability during many hours of operation of your agricultural machine for the spare parts for your tractor.

Tapered roller bearings

SKF spherical roller bearings for the tractor are durable and reliable wear parts/ spare parts for your tractor. They do a great job in rough conditions. With their specially shaped inner and outer ring, the track runs tapered, with tapered rollers mounted between them. The radial and axial force is absorbed simultaneously. This ideal shape therefore leads to perfect weight distribution, reducing friction and making the bearing run more quietly. Wear and tear of the spare parts for your tractor and agricultural machinery is delayed.
The range includes single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearings in various sizes and dimensions, ideal for your tractor, combine harvester or forage harvester.


Needle roller bearings

Among the roller bearings, there is a special variant of the needle bearing, which has a thin construction of the rolling element in relation to its length. The structure of the rolling element is called needle roller. Unlike the bearings with cages, the load capacity and load bearing capacity of these spare parts for the tractor is much higher. The most different needle bearings are adjustable needle bearings, needle sleeves, needle bushes, needle roller and cage assemblies or universal joint bushes for agricultural machinery and are offered in excellent quality in the webshop landtec24.

Bearing housing

The SKF bearing housings provide robust protection and thus a correspondingly high stability and durability of the bearings used in the agricultural machine. The special design of the whole range of housings improves the installation and adjustment of tractor spare parts and bearings in the combine.

Seals and sealing systems

Competent and innovative, SKF developed a whole package of individual seals. A comprehensive sealing system supports the durability of wear parts and spare parts for the tractor or agricultural machine. The product range extends from bearing seals, body seals, drive seals, engine seals, steering seals, to wheel bearing seals, to name just a few examples. All seals (spare parts for the tractor) provide excellent protection and prevent grease from leaking and seal against all dirt and contamination.

Lubrication systems for harvesters

The automated lubrication systems for the harvesters and for the spare parts for your tractor produce a constant continuous lubricating layer. On the one hand, the system ensures that the machine is continuously supplied with lubrication and on the other hand, it protects it from environmental influences such as dust, sand, mud, but also moisture and water. A tractor or combine harvester can thus be used immediately when you need the agricultural machinery for harvesting. SKF lubrication systems are available from a wide range of products in the online tractor shop of landtec24 and from many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Other spare parts for the tractor are also available.
Lubricating the spare parts for the tractor by hand during maintenance takes much more time.  Due to the difficult access to places, this can often not be carried out as satisfactorily. This puts your machine at risk and increases the wear and tear of the spare parts for the tractor and the repair costs. Always consider the resale value of the agricultural machine. If you want to sell the tractor, on the one hand a well-maintained machine is much more attractive for the prospective buyer and on the other hand it will certainly achieve a higher price.


Lubrication/greases/chain oils in agricultural engineering

Lubricating greases are used in agricultural engineering, for example as coupling grease in tractors. The special thing about the lubricants used is that these greases have a special resistance. To ensure that the clutch disc slides smoothly on the transmission shaft.
Chain oils are used for drive chains, lifting chains or conveyor chains, especially in dusty areas, because lubrication with a small layer is required. A reduced effort, saved energy, a long service life and durability of the chains. The durability of the tractor parts and spare parts for your tractor is positively influenced.