KOYO rolling bearings tractor spare parts

KOYO is the brand name of the Japanese automotive supplier JTEKT Coporation for its product line of rolling bearings and tractor spare parts (tractor parts).
The large listed company can be found all over the world with its plants. It manufactures effective, high-performance rolling bearings and tractor spare parts for the modern industry.  It also faces special challenges to master difficult and demanding tasks.


KOYO sells modern technology

JTEKT Coporation produces tractor spare parts, innovative bearings for agriculture, aerospace, construction industry, electrical industry, automotive industry. It also supplies bearings to the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers. This range speaks for an enormous engineering performance and an immense production capacity. You can find ball bearings of a few millimeters, but also large bearings of up to seven meters.
The KOYO product series distributes modern technology for original equipment manufacturers on the one hand, and offers tractor spare parts for the agricultural machinery market worldwide on the other.


The importance of agriculture for the future

When people are asked for their opinion on the importance of agriculture for the future, 44% of Europeans surveyed consider it important and 46% of respondents consider it very important. If we look at the turnover of agriculture, only in Germany alone, it amounts to around 36 billion euros per year. Our agricultural area in Germany is 16.7 million hectares. Most of this is arable land.
So if you look at the statistics, you understand the importance of agriculture. The technology used and the tractor spare parts must be extremely reliable and fail-safe, i.e. always ready for use and reliable. External factors such as changing environmental conditions, difficult terrain and climate changes should have no influence on the operation of tractor spare parts or agricultural machinery such as tractors, combine harvesters or forage harvesters.
The quality of KOYO rolling bearings as tractor spare parts guarantees the reliable use of agricultural machinery such as tractors and front loaders for alternating loads and speeds. KOYO rolling bearings are tractor parts with targeted designs such as tapered roller bearings, housing bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical plain bearings, needle roller bearings, needle roller sets or axial bearings for agricultural machinery to enable optimum working conditions with long operating hours during harvesting.


KOYO cylindrical roller bearings a loadable tractor parts Construction

The cylindrical roller bearings are manufactured in a special design to achieve minimum friction despite high speeds. They are capable of bearing massive radial loads and moderate axial loads. Their convex shape reduces tension in the contacts of the roller bearing. The cylindrical roller bearing is used as a tractor spare part when shock loads and high radial stresses are present. Their design includes the single row cylindrical roller bearing and the double row cylindrical roller bearing.
On the double row cylindrical roller bearing, a cage made of solid brass guarantees the optimum distance between the rolling elements. The cage enables the tractor parts to run at high speeds, as it reduces vibrations and oscillations of the tractor spare parts.  It thus offers resistance to greater radial loads and impulses.


KOYO tapered roller bearings

KOYO tapered roller bearings are the right choice when you need reliable roller bearings as tractor parts that can handle large radial and axial loads. At the same time, however, they should be able to withstand low to moderate speeds. It is called a tapered roller because both the outer ring and inner ring as well as the rollers have a tapered surface which tapers at a bundled point on the bearing axis.
The high load capacity in relation to impact loads is therefore guaranteed for the tractor, combine harvester or forage harvester. While using the agricultural machinery on your farmland, you can rely on the load-bearing capacity of the built-in tractor spare parts and guarantee the entire harvest. The agricultural machine and its tractor parts run continuously and reliably.


KOYO housing bearings special ball bearings

The housing bearings are ball bearings that work with enormous accuracy and precision. The tractor spare parts are previously lubricated and completely sealed. The tractor parts are optionally available as ball bearings with or without relubrication.


KOYO axial ball bearings of ball bearings -series type

Axial bearings are series types of ball bearings. They can either absorb the axial force in one direction and then it is called a one-sided axial ball bearing. If they absorb the force in two directions, they are called double direction thrust ball bearings. Neither the first nor the second type is suitable for use at high speeds and radial forces.


KOYO needle roller bearings alternative specialized bearings

KOYO needle roller bearings are an alternative to conventional bearings. They can be used as tractor spare parts for a wide range of applications in agricultural machinery, especially where there is little space to accommodate force loads in an adequate speed range. Their custom-made shape impresses with a small cross section. The manufactured needle roller bearings tractor parts are installed in the tractor and combine harvester, for example for the automatic transmission or manual transmission, but also for the steering column.


KOYO needle roller and cage assemblies qualitative tractor spare parts

Needle roller and cage assemblies are autonomous components consisting of a steel or polymer cage with specially placed needle rollers. Characterized by a maximum strength of the cage, high loads and forces can be balanced. The positioning of the needle rollers in the cage ensures that they can withstand high loads at high speeds. This allows the use as tractor spare parts and as spare parts for other agricultural machinery, construction machinery, pumps and compressors.
If the routine professional maintenance of your agricultural machine shows that tractor parts such as cylindrical roller bearings, housing bearings, axial ball bearings, needle roller bearings or needle roller and cage assemblies have to be replaced, order the tractor spare parts for your tractor or combine in our webshop landtec24.eu/ersatzteile-landmaschinen.com