DENSO spare parts for the tractor

DENSO produces spare parts for tractors and combine harvesters. It is based in Japan and supplies vehicle manufacturers all over the world mainly with electrical components for the mobile market.
Its spare parts for tractors and combine harvesters are named after the Japanese word DENSO, which means "electrical element".

The history of the company

Originally, the DENSO company separated from the automobile manufacturer Toyota in 1949 under the name Nippondenso Co. Just a few years later, in 1953, they made their first contacts with the successful German company Bosch and continuously expanded their American sales market. From then on, they had branches in Chicago, Los Angeles, and the American automobile capital Detroit. Today, DENSO is also located in the European Union with a total of 35 different locations, with its German branch in Eching, near Munich.

Denso and the formula 1

Among other things, DENSO was the sponsor and financier of Toyota's Formula 1 team. This reflects the innovation and top quality of its spare parts in OEM quality for agricultural machinery. The production of specialized wear parts for vehicle manufacturers worldwide, which has been proven over many years, also speaks for the reliability, quality and innovation of the company.

A variety of quality components as spare parts for the tractor

DENSO's product range also includes spare parts for tractors and combine harvesters such as compressors, condensers, evaporators but also air conditioning components, expansion valves and much more.
An important part of DENSO's product range is thermal management, which makes it possible to install routinely working air conditioning systems, heating systems, but also ventilation system parts in your agricultural machine. This makes them independent of the weather and the outside temperature during the harvesting process in the field.

Climate compressor - The spare part for the tractor

The compressor is the heart of the climate control system of any tractor, combine or forage harvester. The compressor, which is activated by the engine, accepts refrigerants from the evaporator in a gaseous state under low pressure with minimum temperature. It then compresses it into a high pressure gas (high pressure gas) at a high temperature. DENSO exports the compressor as a spare part in original equipment quality for your tractor and of course it also contains the precisely measured quantity of compressor oil.
The air conditioning compressors are of course offered in two types as original spare parts for DENSO tractors and combine harvesters. Optionally as reciprocating or rotary pistons, with fixed or variable stroke.


The evaporator of the air conditioning system in the agricultural machine

The evaporator is a spare part for the tractor and combine harvester in the air conditioning system. It is responsible for evaporating refrigerant in the system. Due to the steam, care has been taken to ensure that the material used has the characteristic of rust resistance. Rust damages and wear can cause damage to the compressor or contamination of the refrigerant. The evaporator is also equipped against bacteria with a special coating. This in turn prevents bad odours when the air conditioner is put into operation.

The expansion valve functions as a trap

An expansion valve is used to regulate the evaporation process. Immediately after the expansion valve, the refrigerant atomizes into a mist, which has a low pressure.  On the one hand, the valve has a long service life and functions precisely, and on the other hand, wear is reduced. The quality of the spare parts for the tractor and combine ensures reliable operation of the air conditioning system even during a break in the agricultural machine.

The condenser as a spare part for the tractor in air conditioning system

The condenser is also part of the air conditioning system in your tractor or combine harvester. It is called a heat exchanger and condenses the refrigerant within the outlet of the air conditioner. As a result, the refrigerant gas liquefies and is then passed on.