DAYCO V-belt for tractor and combine

The American company DAYCO produces V-belts for tractors and combine harvesters. It operates in 40 locations in 22 countries with 4500 qualified employees. The motto "Move Forward Always" has become its motto. This means "Move Forward Always".

Dayco a diversified company for V-belts for tractors and combines

The company researches, produces and trades in articles for the automotive industry, motorcycle industry, truck industry, but has also made a name for itself in the construction industry and agriculture. One of its most important customers is General Motors. Since the founding of the company in 1905 in Ohio, the company has been dealing with rubber, the basic material for its spare parts in the field of V-belts, belt tensioners and Poly-V-belts, for over 100 years.

What is rubber?

The term rubber refers to all natural and synthetic materials that have the property of being elastic at room temperature. Natural rubber has very good elasticity, elongation and tensile strength, but poor heat resistance.

What are the advantages of synthetic rubber V-belt for the tractor?

Synthetic rubber enables the company to manufacture spare parts that are precisely manufactured for the intended use by selecting the raw materials. Vulcanization, the introduction of sulfur bridges, reduces the flexibility of the starting material. The higher the sulfur content, the more closely we find the rubbers and the harder the material. The deformation of the material is therefore limited, but can be reversed once the force has been exerted. This creates the best conditions.

Replacement parts you reduce the cost of maintaining the V-belt for the tractor and combine

As a result of the optimum conditions, wear resistance and ageing resistance are guaranteed, thus ensuring a long service life of the V-belts for the tractor and combine harvester. For this reason, wearing parts do not have to be replaced as often and the overall maintenance costs on your farm are reduced.

DAYCO Corporation uses its research results to develop high-quality materials for V-belts and Poly-V-belts for combine harvesters, tractors and forage harvesters.


Poly-V belt the special V-belt for the tractor and combine

DAYCON manufactures high-quality Poly-V belts for auxiliary drives of agricultural machinery. The material used meets the highest demands and the latest standards. In addition, the V-belts for the tractor and combine harvester have a high degree of strength and therefore run continuously quietly with proven reliability over many operating hours. Consequently, the long durability of Poly-V belts can be traced back to their optimum temperature resistance. Due to the continuous smooth running of the belt on the pulley, it requires a correspondingly increased flexibility. This in turn enables powerful work under difficult harvesting conditions with enormous loads. Agricultural machinery is powerful and reliable.


V-Belts are further high-quality V-belts for the tractor and combine harvester

The special V-belt from DAYCON is used on pulleys with small diameters to achieve large transmission ratios. The toothed inside prevents the belt from slipping. As a result, they sit as expected and energy can be saved. The high-quality material used for the V-belt for the tractor and combine harvester results in optimum resistance to greases, lubricants and oils.


What can you do if the V-belt for the tractor and combine squeaks?

Possibly the V-belts of your tractor squeak once, then they act promptly. The unpleasant sound, the squeaking, is the sign of a loose V-belt in the agricultural machine. The V-belt slips and produces the disturbing sound. The drive belt could initially be porous or extended and then later only loosely fastened to the V-belt pulleys. In bad weather with rain and cold, moisture will settle on the V-belt and this will cause little adhesion. The belt slips even more. If the squeaking can be heard especially when starting up the agricultural machine, we recommend that you tighten the V-belt properly or have it replaced.


The belt tensioner a spare part for the combine

Among other things, DAYCO belt tensioners are spare parts with low wear for tractors and combine harvesters. The belt tensioners are so-called rigid components. On the one hand these elements are needed for the auxiliary drives and on the other hand their excellent quality positively influences the performance of the engine of the agricultural machine and delays the period in which the wear part has to be replaced. As a result, the belt tensioner ensures that the Poly-V belt or V-belt belt adapts perfectly to its final tension and thus remains constant in its tension. Depending on the application, a distinction is made between fixed belt tensioners, automatic belt tensioners and guide pulleys. The special feature, dynamic tensioning with the automatic belt tensioner, must be emphasized again. The tensioners function hydraulically or with a spring system and they adapt individually to the various loads of the engine and therefore optimize the belt tension.


The water pump is a wearing part of the cooling system in the agricultural machine

The water pump in the tractor, combine harvester or forage harvester is part of the engine cooling system and pumps the coolant into the circuit to balance the operating temperature of the engine. The belts set the water pump in motion. A faulty water pump is bound to head for engine damage in its agricultural machine.

Therefore we recommend to use quality spare parts for agricultural machinery. You can obtain these quickly and easily in our webshop