MAHLE starter and alternator for tractor

The German company, Mahle GmbH for Mahle starters and alternators for tractors, with 170 production sites, is one of the automotive suppliers operating worldwide. The group is very broadly positioned. Its roots lie in the capital of the federal state of Baden Württemberg. Stuttgart is one of Germany's best-known production locations in the automotive sector. Mercedes Benz and Porsche are represented here with their headquarters.
This offers optimal conditions for establishing and further developing the company from there. The Group pays particular attention to research and further development in its special, state-of-the-art centers, in order to work innovatively on solutions such as engine systems, air filter systems, air conditioning systems and generators - and starter systems for agricultural machinery as well as Mahle starters and alternators for tractors.


Environmentally friendly agriculture with Mahle starter and alternator for tractor

The equipment of a tractor, combine harvester or forage harvester has to cope with many challenges these days. It is important that agriculture is modern, up-to-date and environmentally friendly. In order to reduce diesel and fuel costs of your harvesting machine, it is important to strike a balance between low energy consumption and high energy efficiency. At the same time, exhaust and noise emissions from your tractor must be limited to enable modern agriculture.


Mahle and climate protection with Mahle starter and alternator for tractor

MAHLE's Group strategy with the starters and alternators for tractors also promotes climate protection. They technologically optimize thermal management in the drivetrain and interior of agricultural machinery, produce energy-efficient combustion engines, and deal with air conditioning technology, including agricultural technology.


Modern and agile agricultural technology with Mahle starter and alternator for tractor

MAHLE products offer perfect performance for combine harvesters and tractors in the area of Mahle starters and alternators for tractors. Despite increasingly difficult weather conditions, dry conditions, and the resulting increase in soil compaction, the harvesters provide reliable services. Today's modern and agile agricultural technology requires state-of-the-art generators, cooling and air-conditioning systems, starters, and alternators for tractors to be ready for many operating hours.

Long service life -low maintenance costs for Mahle starters and alternators for tractors

If you attach importance to low wear on your combine harvester or tractor and want to keep maintenance costs low, MAHLE spare parts for your agricultural machine offer a significantly longer service life. You can obtain the spare parts quickly and reliably from our webshop


MAHLE Generators, starters and alternators for tractor

Generators are wear parts in tractors, combine harvesters or forage harvesters that are suitable for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Your tractor has an electric generator, the alternator. The generator is driven by the rotation principle, which generates an electromagnetic induction.
The term generator comes from the Latin "generare" for "to create, to produce" and thus explains itself.
The alternator is a wearing part that supplies the starter battery with electric current, for example. If one considers the highest output power of the alternator, it already achieves an output of 3 kW in modern harvesters today. This is required for various components such as magnetic injection valves, the electric oil pump or also for cooling systems and air conditioning.
The MAHLE generator series already works with 14 V and achieves an output current of up to 270 A. The MAHLE generator series is designed for use in the automotive industry and in the automotive industry. As a result, the developed series of generators and alternators are among those that operate at the highest technical level.
As an experienced farmer, you are probably familiar with the most problematic and complicated environmental conditions during harvest time. Each of them has experienced dust, mud, silt, strong vibrations, vibrations, heat, cold but also strong gusts of wind on the field.
MAHLE generators with fans on the outside are recommended for these special working conditions. This protects your tractor or combine harvester and prevents wear. As a result, they significantly reduce their repair and maintenance costs, and the reduced cost burden enables them to make optimum profits as farmers.
Regular professional maintenance of the Mahle starter and alternator for tractors and their agricultural machinery also slows down the wear of spare parts. For example, the oil filter, air filter, air conditioner and radiator of the tractor should be checked and replaced regularly.


MAHLE Starter and alternator for tractor (starter)

To start the tractor and combine, turn the key in the ignition switch and start the combustion engine. Using an appropriate lever system you can close the magnetic switches, the engine is contacted and starts working. In return, the engine is switched off again when the ignition key is released and the current is interrupted.
Since the repair or replacement of a starter can take a long time, we recommend the use of MAHLER starter spare parts. They are listed in the product line as direct starters, but also as the latest innovative gear rim starters. They are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials in accordance with international specifications and standards. Thus, their design guarantees the best quality.
Replacement parts for the starter, starter and alternator for tractors and their agricultural machinery are available quickly and professionally from us in the webshop landtec24. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a new Mahle starter and alternator for your tractor or agricultural machine.


The MAHLE air conditioning system

As a farmer, you are confronted daily with changing weather conditions in your driver's cab in your tractor, combine harvester or forage harvester. Whether heat, heat or rain from the air-conditioning system, a constant temperature is maintained in the cab. The Federal Environment Agency recommends a working temperature of max. 23°C in the cabin, which is the so-called thermal comfort zone and enables optimum performance and motivation. You can concentrate and the cardiovascular system can be stressed more perseveringly.  They do not tire so quickly, feel fit and can harvest for longer hours.


The MAHLE cooling systems or coolers for the tractor

MAHLE produces a complete cooling module to guarantee the enormous energy of the agricultural machinery over a long period of time and to prevent the engine from overheating during harvesting.  This serves to cool the engine and transmission of the tractor and combine harvester.
The spare parts and wear parts offered include coolers for tractors, coolant coolers, oil coolers, fuel coolers, hydraulic coolers, and fans.
By timely maintenance and repair of the individual cooling system elements and radiators for the tractor, they increase their safety and reduce operating costs. If, for example, the radiator temperature display is unusually high over an extended period of time and the consumption of coolant in the tractor, combine or forage harvester has increased, we recommend checking the cooling system and radiator of your tractor.