OPTIBELT tractor V-belt

The traditional company OPTIBELT, which manufactures V-belts and drive belts, was founded in 1872. It has its headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia and is at home in many countries around the world. Until today, the Arntz OPTIBEL group of companies has been able to assert itself in the market for V-belts and create many jobs. The company is proud of its workforce, which has slowly grown to around 2300 employees at all locations.

The business areas of the company

In its various branches, the company produces, develops and trades in spare parts such as drive belts and tractor V-belts, which promise reliability and durability. Its company divides them into different business units for the agricultural engineering industry, among other things. In the field of power transmission for the design and realisation of various spare parts such as tractor V-belts, timing belts, harvesting belts, power belts, plastic round belts and in the field of material handling which covers the range of timing belts, flat belts and plastic belts spare parts.

Work effectively and reliably with AGRO POWER tractor V-belts

Agricultural machinery has become an indispensable part of today's agriculture. Modern, new types of heavy-duty harvesting aids can be powerful and efficient with the AGRO POWER product range, drive belts and tractor V-belts. The latest series models of your combine harvester, forage harvester or even your mower usually cost several hundred thousand euros these days. It is therefore important to use your agricultural machinery correctly and to get the most out of it. With the use of AGRO POWER drive belts and tractor V-belts from OPTIBELT, your machine will work effectively and reliably, thus preventing the premature failure of your agricultural machine. As a result, the yield capacity is maintained over many working hours in the long term.

Increase harvesting productivity with tractor V-belts?

Then special technical requirements for the material of your tractor V-belt or power belt are important. OPTIBELT drive belts made of wear-resistant, high-quality rubber compounds are the solution. They are extremely quiet, very effective and environmentally friendly. Thanks to years of knowledge and research in rubber processing, the tractor V-belts have been optimised. You as a farmer can also make a small contribution to our environment in the 21st century with the drive belts and power belts. The good thing about it is that you act consciously, thereby reducing workshop costs and keeping your maintenance requirements low.

Replace tractor V-belt in good time

If the V-belt in your agricultural machine is still broken or damaged, you should replace the V-belt in good time to restore the function of the tractor, combine harvester or chopper. The tractor V-belt can only build up the required power if the V-belt is appropriately taut and has not slackened in its tension. Otherwise, the resulting overheating of the engine will lead to the failure of important systems, such as the alternator or the tractor's water pump. This can lead to a standstill of your harvesting equipment and in the worst case to a crop failure.

Regular inspection of the tractor V-belt

For this reason, please check the V-belt of your agricultural machine regularly to ensure that it is optimally seated, tensioned and shows no visible signs of wear in the material. These are minor defects and cracks which could have occurred in the brittle V-belt. Before you replace the V-belt of your agricultural machine professionally, you can order the spare part quickly and easily from our webshop Landtec24. We focus on quality and durability of the spare parts, for example the series AGRO POWER from OPTIBELT to support your powerful agricultural machine.

AGRO POWER tractor V-belts and power belts

When tractors and forage harvesters are under heavy use in the field, farmers choose drive belts such as tractor V-belts and power belts, the classics in the agricultural engineering sector. They are covered with wear-resistant material and are made of an innovative rubber compound that makes the rubber of the V-belt or power belt less elastic, but ensures high dynamic stress.

Special features of the tractor V-belt are:
- unique enduring functionality

- highest possible running characteristics
- ideal reliability and precision
- environmentally friendly


AGRO POWER wide V-belts

State of the art high performance combines have up to 600 hp and require excellent power transfer to achieve excellent harvesting performance. The wide V-belt provides smooth and continuous speed control, resulting in ideal power transmission.  This then allows the tractor, combine harvester or mower to work precisely, which means that you as a farmer remain competitive and optimise the profitability of your farm.
The perfect composition of the rubber compound of the wide V-belt is supplemented with first-class fibre material, thus enabling OPTIBELT to manufacture a perfect product for agricultural engineering.

Special features are:
- high adaptability
- long service life
- optimum power transmission
- environmentally friendly


AGRO POWER V-ribbed belts

The V-ribbed belt is a special form of the tractor V-belt and offers various advantages. On the one hand, it has enormous flexibility and on the other hand, its structure enables a high power output and high energy conversion. At the same time, it runs smoothly and with little vibration. The resulting noises are advantageously dampened. Its particular resistance to oil, heat and heat ensures a long service life and thus prevents premature wear of your agricultural machine.

Do you own a vehicle with serpentine drive?

Then you are surely familiar with the shape of the V-ribbed belt, as it is used here in these vehicles, due to its special construction, adequate for the use of the deflection pulleys.

Special features are:
- highly flexible
- Low vibration, quiet running
- perfect power transmission
- above-average protection against wear and tear
- environmentally friendly

If you need a new tractor V-belt or another drive belt, please contact our webshop Landtec24 and you will receive the spare parts for the various OPTIBELT high performance products of the AGRO POWER series as soon as possible.