PANCLEAN Filters for agricultural machinery

The filters for agricultural machinery called PANCLEAN are a brand of the top Italian company Air Top Italia, which has dominated the filter and cabin filter sector for agricultural machinery for thirty years.
Panclean has been developing cabin air filters of excellent quality for some time and offers innovative solutions for the working conditions of agricultural machinery. Products for protection against dust, aerosols and vapours are the result of their research. Through intensive research over many years, it offers optimal solutions in original equipment quality for the spare parts market and at the same time meets applicable EN standards. Thus, reliable cabin air filters for the interior are produced. The company exports its filters to leading manufacturers of agricultural and farming machinery worldwide.


Why should you use a cabin air filter?

The PANCLEAN cabin air filter is a wear part and is made for the cab of a tractor, combine harvester or forage harvester.
Nowadays, a cab air filter, also called a pollen filter, is part of the standard equipment of every modern agricultural machine. The filters for agricultural machines, which are installed in the air conditioning system, absorb exhaust fumes, pollen and dust so that one can breathe deeply in the cabin. The harmful particles do not penetrate into the interior of the agricultural machine. The cabin air filter therefore significantly reduces the concentration of pollutants in the sucked-in air and supplies the cabin of the agricultural machine with cleaned fresh air.

Be careful with fertilisers and pesticides in the air!

Particularly after long dry periods, large dust clouds are produced on the field during harvesting and it is therefore important to switch on the air conditioning to maintain clean air inside the agricultural machine. During ploughing and fertilising, it is also advisable to filter the dust that is thrown into the air by fertilisers or pesticides with filters for agricultural machinery. The EU has already addressed the issue and set a standard for its member states.

Activated carbon filter for spra...

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Activated carbon filter for spraying purposes for NEW HOLLAND, CASE IH, ...

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Weight per unit: 2kg

What is the DIN EN 15695 standard?

DIN EN 15695 is the European standard for the protection of the driver (operator) against hazardous substances in the cab of agricultural tractors and self-propelled plant protection equipment, including all classifications, requirements and test procedures. The standard provides for the differentiated production of filters for agricultural machinery for the different cabs. For example, if the task is to protect the driver in the cab in the highest standard range four, Panclean uses an active carbon filter as a filter for the agricultural machinery.

Furthermore, the question arises - are you allergic to pollen?

Then protection and reduction from pollen in spring by means of a cabin air filter is just as important an aspect to protect yourself from allergic reactions such as constant sneezing or reddened, swollen eyes. This is then standard category two and the cabin air filter is fitted with a special fleece.

Maintenance of filters for agricultural machinery

Do they value their health? Then we recommend that you routinely check the cabin filter of your tractor and combine during maintenance and replace it if necessary. The filters for agricultural machinery should be changed in spring, when the air is mainly dry. It is not advisable to change the pollen filter in the autumn-winter season when the air is cool and the humidity is high or even wet. This can lead to mould spores and bacteria settling on the filter.

Quality assurance in compliance with the EN 15695 standard for filters for agricultural machinery

The PANCLEAN activated carbon filter for compliance with the EN 15695 standard is multi-layer and ensures quality assurance of the filters for your agricultural machinery. The combined design guarantees the effectiveness of the filters for agricultural machinery. This prevents dust and particles from accumulating in the tractor cab, combine harvester cab and forage harvester cab before they enter the cab.
Innovative technology and the effectiveness of the raw materials used lead to success when filtering the cab air in the tractor. Protecting your health!
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